The people of Rockit® Solutions are integral to the success of our business. When you select Rockit, you work with our high-touch implementation support team to facilitate your access to the benefits and features of Rockit® Solutions. As the implementation progresses, you will also be working with your assigned client service team, a seasoned group of professionals serving as the access point to all the expertise within Rockit® Solutions, from daily operations to performance measurement to reporting.

The client service teams will work with you to structure your data so that it is presented in a way that is most useful for your needs, including:

  • Tailored client and account relationships, which can be rolled up or consolidated in a variety of ways
  • Customized asset allocation models
  • Performance calculations and benchmarks
  • Segregation of principal and income for trust accounting

Rockit provides training, report customization, and relationship support for efficiency and to meet client needs.  Rockit delivers the power of a robust technology platform adapted to the client relationship by personnel dedicated to client service; customization without complexity.

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