A leading Wealth Information Management and Reporting Solution, Rockit® Solutions combines its technology, personalized client team, and its time-tested processes to provide a solution that has been the choice of the most demanding investors. Additional services include Partnership Accounting and Tax Services for those who invest through family limited partnerships or other pooled investment vehicles, as well as for specialized needs for Investment & Performance Reporting.

Maintaining spreadsheets, reconciling data and manually preparing reports can be an inefficient use of time and resources and more importantly, is fraught with the potential for error. Outsourcing these tasks to Rockit is not only efficient but also provides you with information in which you can have confidence. With Rockit’s specialized reconciliation process, data for trades, dividends, interest payments, and other corporate actions are not only aggregated, it is checked against other third-party sources. This approach seeks to provide a level of accuracy that is distinctive from other competitive solutions while minimizing manual intervention. It also provides the confidence of having an up-to-date and complete picture of your financial information.


The complexity and demands facing investors and financial professionals have grown significantly over the past decade. This trend will not only continue, but will most likely accelerate. Markets, investments, regulations, tax laws, accounting standards, and information technology all continue to evolve and to impact each other. New tools and techniques quickly go from best practice to standard practice. There is a growing need not only for more timely and reliable data, but also for better integration of increasingly complex investments for portfolio record keeping. In such an environment, the natural response is to demand more reporting, often faster and more frequently than before. Rockit® Solutions is designed to help ensure that data is complete, reliable, integrated, and accessible.

Rockit Solutions

Whether your investments are traditional, global, or alternative or consist of non-traditional assets, such as real estate, art or other collectibles, they can be accounted for and reported on by Rockit® Solutions.

You can access your portfolio data through two proprietary software applications:

Rockit®Command is the primary way most financial professionals access Rockit’s proprietary database. This intuitive yet powerful interface is graphically sophisticated, easy to navigate, and offers customizable dashboards for key investment data. Rockit®Command’s capabilities include the ability to sort, gather, compare and filter your data virtually in any way you need. It lets you easily review a single account, any group of accounts or all of your accounts.

Portfolio View™ provides secure, web-based access to your portfolio data. It can be branded with your custom logo and colors and is most often the way individual account owners access their financial data. Portfolio View offers an array of reports and other features, with a high level of customization.

Rockit is a hosted technology and services solution, so there is no need to worry about installing software and managing periodic updates.

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