In today’s climate, quality, convenience, and transparency in financial and investment reporting is crucial to investors. Rockit provides enhanced reporting that offers accurate data in a timely manner.


  • Daily Time Weighted Returns; performance is calculated daily, giving an accurate view of performance results even in the presence of large inflows/outflows during volatile periods than can skew results calculated using other methodologies
  • Aggregated Data; given the ability to aggregate data across custodians and/or private investments, you gain insight into overall portfolio performance results for your client without the need for numerous spreadsheets and manual aggregation of returns
  • Detailed Performance; performance calculated at the security level giving detailed insight into the source of the overall portfolio return
  • Data Validation & Review; a team of performance professionals review and validate returns frequently, to ensure accurate results giving you confidence the reports delivered to your clients and/or wealth owners will be correct
  • Internal Rate of Return; IRR Reporting available
  • Risk Metrics and Analytics: Alpha, Beta, Standard Deviation, Sharpe Ratio, Information Ratio, and others
  • Consolidation/Composites; as an accounting book-of-record, Rockit Command enables flexible consolidation of accounts, including complex shared ownership structures. This flexibility allows for maintaining manager or strategy-level benchmarks, eliminating the need for an additional system or process specifically for marketing results
  • Benchmark Return; Customizable blended benchmarks appropriately track the changing investment objective allowing a true apples-to-apples comparison of the portfolio to the benchmark for various time periods, including since inception
  • Clear & Concise reporting; we provide tailored reports designed to give you the information important to your investment decision process
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Rockit Solutions Screenshot
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