The Technology That Started It All

Rockit Command® is a unified system with a one-of-a-kind combination of features that span data aggregation and reconciliation, accounting, performance, alternatives and reporting.

The Benefits of a Unified System

Decrease cost and labor for external tax accountants 

Single source of truth 

Total Cost of ownership 

Alleviate risk of diversified tech stack 

Elevate internal staff to oversight and control rather than administrative, data-entry roles

Investment Book of Record

Single Pricing Source

For exchange-traded securities to ensure consistency across multiple portfolios

Independent Processing

Dividends, coupons, corporate actions, annual income reclassification

Asset Classifications

Industry standard, client-directed


Daily cash, transactions and holdings


History of supporting SSAE and SEC Audits as the primary client book of record

Accounting Book of Record

Rockit® Command was conceived and built with a two-sided general ledger. The general ledger provides a greater level of detail not usually available in a standard portfolio management system.  When a transaction is processed in Rockit, the general ledger is simultaneously updated, providing greater reliability between accounting and investment data. This single point of entry minimizes the need for multiple manual entries in unconnected systems. Single point of entry processing provides portfolio accounting data in a reconciled, consistent format. 

  • US-Based Tax GL 
  • Configurable Chart of Accounts 
  • Both and Book and Tax books of records 
  • Customizable P&L and Financial Statements

Performance Book of Record 

Daily Time Weighted Returns 

Performance is calculated daily, giving an accurate view of results despite the presence of large inflows/outflows during volatile periods that can skew results calculated using other methodologies.


We provide tailored reports designed to give you the information important to your investment decision process.

Aggregated Data

Given the ability to aggregate data across custodians and/or private investments, you gain insight into overall portfolio performance results for your client without the need for numerous spreadsheets and manual aggregation of returns.

Detailed Performance

Performance calculated at the security level giving detailed insight into the source of the overall portfolio return.

Data Validation & Review

A team of performance professionals review and validate returns frequently to ensure accurate results, giving you confidence that the reports delivered to your clients and/or wealth owners will be correct.


As an accounting book-of-record, Rockit Command enables flexible consolidation of accounts, including complex shared ownership structures. This flexibility allows for maintaining manager or strategy-level benchmarks, eliminating the need for an additional system or process specifically for marketing results.

IRR, Risk Metrics & Analytics

Alpha, Beta, Standard Deviation, Sharpe Ratio, Information Ratio, and others.


Customizable blended benchmarks appropriately track the changing investment objective, allowing a true apples-to-apples comparison of the portfolio to the benchmark for various time periods, including since inception.