Accounting and Tax Services

FWS will manage the life cycle of any fund. Our Fund Administration solution harnesses the synergies of Rockit Command® and HedgeTek® to serve as a golen copy of your records.

Fund Types We Serve

Family Partnerships, Limited Partnerships, Common Trust Funds, Donor Advised Funds, Multi-Tiered Partnerships, Fund of Funds, On-Shore/Off-Shore



Allocation & Tax Methodology

Book and Tax Allocations: Gain/Loss Allocations

Tax Methodology: 

Fund Administration & Shadow Accounting

  • Our seasoned team of subject matter experts will act in parallel with your primary admin to ensure accuracy of your fund’s financial records and reporting
  • Investor Relations
  • Automate, track and validate fund and partner activity with Rockit Commando Complex allocations
  • Tracking of carried interest and incentive fees
  • Allocate net income or losses with the ability to specially allocate
  • Near real time look through of indirect ownership by partner/investor
  • Side pocket allocations
  • Assistance with tax estimates and white paper k1 analysis
  • Complex reporting and performance at fund and investor levels

Profit Interest

Track and calculate incentive carry vehicles at the fund or GP level. Our system will automatically calculate the fund’s waterfall fee based on either the American or European style and allocate the fee to the GPs from the investors.